Surprisingly, a Range Rover sedan could also be in the works, too.

No longer the only company in the premium off-roader segment, Land Rover is considering expanding its line-up towards the top with a new Range Rover-badged model.

The British brand still hasn't fired back at new rival Bentley, which challenged it two years ago with the super-posh Bentayga. Executives are still studying how they should respond to the threat. Design boss Gerry McGovern shed valuable insight into some of the options currently on the table.

"There is less of a market for [a two-door Evoque] these days, so do we need to do it? However, I think as you go bigger it might give us an opportunity because then it becomes more exclusive, which might give you a hint," McGovern told Australian website Drive during a recent interview.

Land Rover would position its two-door flagship as a high-riding alternative to the Bentley Continental GT and the Rolls-Royce Wraith. They both qualify for the "high-performance" label but they put a much bigger emphasis on luxury and style than on sportiness. The yet-unnamed Range Rover would most likely follow those guidelines.

Oddly, McGovern also confirmed the rumors of a range-topping Range Rover sedan are true.