The latest generation of Range Rover Sport has something new in store for drivers and passengers, a taillight system designed by British company, Glohh.

Called GL-5i, the taillight boasts a dynamic start-up display (DSD), which is an active light sequence designed to bring unparalleled road theater to an already impressive SUV. The Sport also comes with improved aerodynamics, 3D brake light, a hidden reverse light, and a sharp sequential indicator.

According to Glohh design boss, Dr Faheem Rafiq, the global debut of a new Glohh product is always a glorious moment, and they were thrilled by the positive response they have received from the cognoscenti. He noted that the GL-5i rear light showcases the strengths of their brand in both design and expertise.

Rafiq continued that they infused cutting-edge technology with animated features that create a more visible light and boost safety and awareness. "We wanted to provide Range Rover owners an alternative design with futuristic features previously unavailable."

Glohh claims that the GL-5i's design is meant to further highlight the broad stance of the Range Rover Sport while complementing it with a sharp and predatory accent.

There is a single fluid line that serves as a position light, while the DSD signature acts as an animated, fast-moving light cycle that gets activated each time the driver unlocks the car. As for the 3D brake light, it comes with four three-dimensional scintillators that work individually in a fluid and unique fashion—when the driver brakes, other drivers in adjacent lanes see an isotopic light hue while a more concentrated light is seen by drivers behind. Hence, this greatly improves reaction times.

There is also a new sequential indicator which delivers a sharper sweep of light due to 15 emitting diodes specially programmed to illuminate in rapid-flow succession. There is also reverse light projecting pure white light through a geometrical optic lens which is designed to channel ray to the near, lateral and mid-field range.

Moreover, the GL-5i taillight can help aerodynamics due to its outer surfaces which have been specifically optimized to channel air away from and around the car.

The new taillight comes in different prices per geographical location such as: £949 for the UK market, €979 for the European market and $1,199 for other countries.