The worldwide expansion of EV charging options is now prompting competition among a number of companies to install EV chargers under their own networks. For a new electric vehicle buyer, that might be a bit difficult so Jaguar Land Rover aspires to alleviate that issue in Europe with a new tie-up. 

Just recently, the automaker has announced its partnership with Plugsurfing to provide what it calls a "premium charging service" for its EVs in chosen markets across the continent. Plugsurfing works with a number of networks to make the process as easy as possible. All the user has to do is swipe the Plugsurfing card at a supported charger and it will work as if they are signed up to that network.

The Land Rover Public Charging and Jaguar Public Charging apps are free and they will enable PHEV and EV owners to find one of 70,000 various charging points on the Plugsurfing network. They will also get the Plugsurfing card that allows charging at every station.

While the apps are for free, it's not like users will get away without spending for that electricity. To that end, the collaboration with Plugsurfing will provide owners with two different payment methods—a fixed monthly fee or a pay-as-you-go option. The former is considered as a better value for folks who will mainly rely on networked chargers, while the latter is designed for those who prefer to charge at home and require an occasional boost while on the road.

Currently, there are not several JLR vehicles available to take advantage of this collaboration. Jaguar has the I-PACE SUV, but Land Rover does not have any battery-electric vehicles. Instead, the standard Rover and Rover Sport both have plug-in hybrid variants, which can still take advantage of electric vehicle chargers.