Just recently, Jaguar has developed an array of products designed to make the journey of pets safer and more comfortable.

The new and revolutionary accessories are more or less identical to those products offered by its sister company, Land Rover. These include upholstery protection rugs and anti-spill water bowls which are offered across the automaker's SUV range and on the Jaguar XF Sportbrake.

The accessories come in a choice of four packs, each of which offer a unique level of canine hospitality. 

Priced at $338 (AED 1240), the Pet Rear Seat protection pack is the most affordable option. It features a spill-resistant bowl and a second-row seat cover which are designed to ensure protection of the door linings and the upholstery from muddy or wet pawprints.

The Pet Transportation pack, which costs $624 (AED 2300) comes with a foldable pet carrier, a spill-resistant water bowl, and a rubber floor mat for the trunk. Featuring a quilted fabric cushion and a lightweight metal frame, the pet carrier is designed to provide smaller dogs with a pod in which they can be transported.

Drivers who have larger dogs can opt for the Pet Luggage Compartment Protection pack which costs $903 and turns the whole trunk into one large pet carrier. The system, which separates the trunk from the cabin with a full-height luggage partition and lines the area with a quilted cover, enables customers to safely and comfortably carry large dogs as well as to clean the trunk easily.

Meanwhile, for the five-star pet experience, customers can opt for the Pet Care and Access pack valued at $1,302 (AED 5000). It is based on the Pet Luggage Compartment Protection pack, but adds a folding ramp that enables dogs to access the portable rinse system and trunk. A handheld shower, the system utilizes a hand pump and a water carrier to create sufficient water pressure for two minutes of washing. Jaguar added that for the more adventurous dog owner, the system could be used in hosing down wetsuits or mountain bikes.

Source: https://bit.ly/2QCxR0s