For the season five 2018-2019 of the action-packed FIA Formula E electric racing championship, Jaguar has designed a splendid livery for it.

Like what it does with all its remarkable road-going cars, the British luxury automaker set its eyes on delivering a highly dynamic and futuristic design highlighting the already sculpted shape of the Gen-2 racer's carbon fiber body. Moreover, the new car comes with a longer range, which means there will no longer be a need for mid-race car swaps.

Meanwhile, when it comes to power, the total output of the racetrack beast has been increased to 250kW though only 200 kW was available during the race. In accordance with the FIA's rules, the maximum power settings will only be available during qualifying, but motorists can still take advantage of the wacky FanBoost feature.

The stunning car's competition debut will arrive at the end of the year, so testing and development have now been running at full steam for Jaguar and other Formula E teams.

This time, Formula E champion Nelson Piquet had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the car in a closed test event last month in Spain. He said that it was a grand moment for the team, the championship, and for electric vehicles as the car made a promising and reliable start. However, he argued that a number of developments should be done before they begin racing at the end of the year.

Formula E commenced its seventh race of the season at the inaugural Rome E-Prix on April 17.