A new technology will be trialed by the Jaguar Land Rover to understand whether it assists in building the public trust towards the self-driving cars. The technology is comprised of a set of virtual eyes that have been installed on self-driving pod car currently used in trials for the Auto drive project in the UK. The project is supported by the government to explore how the future is connected and in what extent the self-driving cars can replicate the human behaviour and reactions.

Jaguar Land Rover is currently testing whether the eyes can effectively communicate with the pedestrians and build their confidence in self-driving technology with the help of cognitive psychologists. The eyes are exclusively designed to make the eye contact with the pedestrians to the signal intent.  The automakers have looked at using warning lights and sounds as well as digital screens.

Jaguar Land Rover researcher Pete Bennet said, “It’s second-nature to glance at the driver of the approaching vehicle before stepping into the road” and “We want to know if it is beneficial to provide humans with information about a vehicle’s intentions or whether simply letting a pedestrian know it has been recognized is enough to improve confidence.”

An engineering group known as RDM developed the self-driving cars are small, two-seater pod. The top speed is 15 mph meaning they only travel along pedestrian zones and not actual roads. The behaviour of pedestrians is analysed during their weight to cross the road when the pods run on a fabricated street scene for the latest trial. The pods apparently seek out the pedestrians appearing to look directly at them signalling them that they have been identified and the passengers can safety move without fear of being running over.

Jaguar Land Rover is also in the process of developing its own self driving system both partial and fully automated. The auto maker’s long-term goal is to create self-driving cars which is adept in variable situations including off road conditions and adverse weather. It is been formerly said that they will have a full self-driving car likely at Level 4 capability on sale within the next decade.

Source: https://goo.gl/T1TaHR