Jaguar Land Rover never disappoints when it comes to its latest breakthroughs and innovations. Just recently, the British automaker has created a car door that automatically opens with the approach of the driver and can be easily operated by gesture control.  

Currently being trialed on a Range Rover Sport, the mobility door prototype, utilizes keyless entry technology and motion sensors to sense the driver as they walk towards the car before it even opens.

This revolutionary technology is extremely useful to physically challenged people who use the car as their main mode of transport. It is also helpful during instances when the hands of the driver are full with stuff by enabling easy entry to the car.

Once inside the car, passengers simply have to push an overhead button to close the mobility door. What's more, the infotainment system integrates special software designed to indicate the status of each door and to enable the operation of the driver's and passenger's doors from inside the cabin.

The driver's door also comes equipped with radar sensors which can sense the presence of lamp posts or other barriers which can avert the door from swinging open and bumping into random objects. The door is also programmable so it can automatically close and lock behind people as they walk by.

Aiming to tests the system, Jaguar Land Rover is working with Mark Ormrod, a gold medal-winning Invictus athlete. He is also a former Royal Marine Commando and Britain's first triple amputee from the Afghanistan chaos.

According to Ormrod, the cutting-edge technology would be of extreme help to disabled people like him who face difficulty getting into and out of a car.

The research team at Jaguar Land Rover spend half a year for the development of the system on a laboratory rig before they proceeded to testing it on a range Rover Sport. The automaker claims that the new technology will not only be useful for disabled people but also for all upcoming vehicles.

In a statement, Xu Zhou, Deep Learning Technical Research Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, noted that the mobility door is a groundbreaking technology that would provide real-world value to the customers of the company.