In its attempt to shy away from diesels, Jaguar Land Rover is spending a staggering amount for electrified vehicles.

According to Bloomberg, the automaker would invest $18 billion in electrification over the next three years. In the past three years, JLR had also spent approximately $14 billion on the same thing.

The investment will enable the company to offer three variants of all its upcoming models by 2025—one with an electric powertrain, one with a gas engine and one that combines the first two. Meanwhile, some of that money will be used in retooling six of its UK production platforms for this big push into electrification.

In September, JLR expressed its attempt to launch an electrified variant of every car it will sell by 2020. However, the term "electrified" entails not only battery-electric cars, but also hybrids and plug-in hybrids. An electric vehicle-specific push five years after that target is an extremely ambitious move, but the automaker sees demand for its first-ever EV, the I-Pace.