Jaguar Land Rover has developed a lighting system for self-driving vehicles in which the system projects the direction of travel onto the road ahead of self-driving vehicles. This indicates the other road users what the self-driving vehicle is going to do next.

These projections were tested on autonomous pods developed by Aurrigo with the help of a series of lines or bars with adjustable spacing. When you are preparing to brake before fully compressing at a stop, the gaps will shorten as an indication. The spacing between the line extends when the pod moves off an acceleration. Upon reaching a turn, the bars fan out left or right to indicate the direction of travel.

The trials of the system were carried out as a part of research to know how people can build trust in autonomous technology. A team of advanced engineers from Jaguar Land Rover’s Future Mobility division meticulously planned these trials with the support of cognitive psychologists. During the tests, 41 percent of drivers and pedestrians were worried about sharing the road with autonomous vehicles.

Safety is the utmost priority for Jaguar Land Rover in case of the self-driving vehicles that are being developed. Aiming to become the key provider for autonomous technology, connected and shared solutions and electric mobility, the company’s long-term strategic goals align with the trial of the new technology.