Jaguar I-Pace has recently won the race against Tesla to put an all-electric SUV out in front of the public at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez race track in Mexico City. The two giant car marques competed to accelerate from the standstill position to 60mph and back to 0 against a 74Wh Tesla. Jaguar won both the acceleration and the braking tests.
The I-Pace uses twin electric motors, one for each axle, giving the car 4WD and a total output of 400hp. It also comes with a liquid cool battery pack, electric motors, double wishbone front, and multi-link rear suspension which allows the model to go on all platforms. 
Even though I-Pace is compact on the outside, its 2.9-meter long wheelbase indicates that it is spacious enough. The model also consists of a dual screen In Control Touch Pro Duo touchscreen infotainment system and heavily sculpted sports seats. This infotainment system features an advanced artificial intelligence system that interprets road conditions, weather, temperature, and traffic levels to help predict a more accurate range-to-empty figure.