auto parts


Whether you work on your car or take it to your trusted service center, it helps to know the common parts of a car to make well-thought decisions on vehicle maintenance. Use this guide to help you get started.


Each and every component of an automobile has significance. Modern-day vehicles have become a great deal -- more complex and have many more electronic parts than the muscle cars of the past. Although there are many complex parts included in modern automobiles, some of the parts are a mainstay, common and essential for every vehicle.


One of the most important components of a vehicle includes the engine. This is the most important component of an automobile by all accords. The performance of a vehicle depends on its engine and it is the heart of every car.



Different types of fuels are used by engines including:

  • Diesel
  • Ethanol
  • Gasoline
  • Battery


Engines require regular oil changes to stay lubricated and prevent wear and tear.


GEAR BOX (Transmission)

The Gear Box, or transmission, comes in at a close second to the engine and is what commonly needs attention when vehicles fail. The transmission is what contains the different gears that the vehicle needs to shift into depending on speed. These gears transfer the engine’s power to the wheels of the vehicle. There are many types of gearbox parts in different cars.


Transmission is available in two types: the manual and the automatic models. As the speed of the vehicle varies, the gears can be switched from one ratio to another. The power of the engine is transferred to the wheels of the vehicle with the help of the gears.


Nowadays, most of the vehicles have automatic gears or transmissions. The gear box is one of the most difficult parts of the vehicle to work on, and when restored, can give new life to even the oldest of vehicles.



Another extremely important component of a vehicle is the brakes which help reduce and halt the speed of the vehicle. When the brakes are applied, hydraulic fluid is transmitted through the steel pipes to the wheels of the vehicles. The failure of this system may lead to some serious accidents. Though previously the entire system used to work upon human intervention, nowadays sensors are being installed in cars so that the car itself can sense the necessity of braking and take action. Whether you have a manual or sensor braking system, it is very important to maintain the brake parts such as brake pads, which can crack with age.



Another important component includes the drive axle which helps propels the vehicle. Think of it as a large bar connecting the two wheels. The drive axle allows the vehicle’s operator to turn the wheels and control the vehicle. This is one of the largest auto parts in every car.



Filters are essential in removing dust and abrasive particles from the engine oil. Such particles can harm the engine and prevent proper functioning. Oil filters are mainly used to segregate the engine oil from unwanted debris and dust particles. Most of the oil filters are classified as high-efficiency filters as it segregates abrasive materials from the engine oil.


The automotive chassis is the frame of the vehicle which supports the various parts such as engine, brakes, steering, axle, tires and so on.


If the engine is the heart of the vehicle, the chassis is the skeleton. It is the most important structural part of the vehicle. Automotive chassis are usually made of light steel material or other sturdy materials like aluminum.


The chassis keeps the vehicle stiff and ductile. It ensures low vibration and noise in the entire vehicle. There are various types of chassis used in vehicles which includes:

  • The backbone chassis
  • The ladder chassis
  • And the monochrome chassis


These days, most of the vehicles use steel plated chassis as it ensures strength and durability.



There are many manufacturers and suppliers who provides precision manufactured gear box parts of different varieties. Parts from trusted manufacturers are highly resistant to corrosion, tensile, and of superior quality.


Most of the components produced by these manufacturers are guaranteed against thermal and chemical reactions. A new transmission also produces lesser noise, vibration, and is one of the most expensive components of the modern-day vehicle.



In addition to gear box parts, there are different types of oil filters available today. According to the specific design and type of filter material, some of these filters are classified as high-efficiency filters. It is a good idea to install a premium quality filter in your vehicle. It will help avoid clogging of the engine with dust and abrasive materials.


The main advantage of servicing is that the cars are checked thoroughly and necessary repairs and replacements are made before something critical (and expensive) breaks down. Whether you choose to complete this maintenance yourself or have professionals do it, make it a routine. This is a wise path to take as a car owner.