The New Defender is being featured more by Land Rover to generate more buzz as we close into the highly anticipated reveal of the vehicle. It is not just any typical shadow-based teaser image but an inaction shot of the Model which it shows goes through some serious hurdles in Kenya. With the support of Tusk Trust a British non-profit organization, the off-road SUV has been put to the test across the 14,000- hectare Borana Conservancy by wildlife managers to support conservation operations. The challenging terrain has been from tracking radio-collared lions and transporting supplies to tackling difficult grounds while pulling heavily loaded trailers. The engineers of Land Rover modified the test vehicle to house a built-in raised air intake, while the camouflage pattern was carefully designed to balance with the surroundings.

It has been around two and a half years since the last Defender was built at the factory in Solihull, and we are just a few months away from its completely new successor. Land Rover will reveal the next generation model in September.