Photo Source: Land Rover

The British marque Land Rover is the embodiment of an adventurous spirit. In 1956, the creators of the Land Rover sponsored the Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition, also known as the coolest college road trip in history. The Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition could only have been dreamt up over a late-night beverage or two, in a typically ambitious university scheme.


The route was formidable, carving through lands where several other teams had tried and failed. Setting off from Hyde Park in London, the Land Rovers headed through Europe, the Middle East and Asia, before arriving in Singapore from Thailand and Malaysia. Using initiative, persuasion and very little money, the six Oxford and Cambridge students meticulously planned the journey of a lifetime – one that would stand unrivaled to this day. 


You’ve found the perfect car in your Land Rover. Land Rovers are made for roaming over tough terrains. But even the toughest automobiles require good maintenance to keep them on and “off” the road.


While rotating the wheels on your Land Rover and checking your fluids often can contribute to a better performing vehicle, it is always best to also know your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance to ensure peak performance. Minor maintenance for your Land Rover should be done approximately every 10,000 kilometers, whilst the major maintenance is due roughly every 18,000 kilometers.


Taking good care of your Land Rover is important to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Keep in mind that every vehicle is different and that your Land Rover’s recommended maintenance schedule may vary based on the year and/or model of your vehicle.


Get your scheduled maintenance for Land Rover done at your trusted workshop. The garage who has expert skills, resources and dedication assures the highest quality in all your vehicle maintenance and repairs. And if you would eventually need high quality genuine, OEM or aftermarket spare parts and accessories, it is best to purchase the items from the leading distributors with outstanding offers and great customer feedback. 


Taking care of your Land Rovers can be costly, but when dealing with the right partners, you will surely get your money’s worth.