Thanks to the unique Land Rover 4x4 in a school program, tomorrow’s engineers are learning to code self-driving vehicles of the future today. An estimated one billion lines of computer code approximately 1,000 times more than the 145,000 lines that were required to land the Apollo 11 on the moon by Nasa will be required for the self-driving cars. The company is looking to inspire the next generation of software engineers.

This year’s Land Rover 4x4 in school’s technology challenge world finals will have the talented teenagers competing, it is a global education enrichment initiative that is aimed to encouraging young people to opt for STEM careers. The teenagers were able to write 200 lines code in half an hour in order to successfully navigate a scale model Range Rover Evoque around a 5.7-meter circuit.

There were around 23 million software developers worldwide as of 2018, the numbers are expected to grow to 27.7 million by 2023. The World Economic Forum research suggests that about 65% of students today will be working in jobs that currently don’t exist.

Jaguar Land Rover will be launching a new Digital Apprenticeship program this year in order to attract computer engineers to help code its next-generation autonomous vehicles.

A leader in the development of Autonomous, connected, Electric and Shared (ACES) mobility services Jaguar Land Rover has invested in Global Pioneering hubs around the world to capitalize on.

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